CPA Comments on Goleta Stormwater Project

February 8, 2021

To: Goleta City Council

Re: Stormwater

Dear Mayor and City Council Members:

Citizens Planning Association has been advocating for environmental sustainability in Santa Barbara County for more than 60 years.

We strongly support the proposed Goleta’s creeks and watersheds proposals. Creeks and watersheds are valuable public resources that must be actively managed to protect them from harm, and to restore them to ensure clean water, functioning ecosystems, vibrant wildlife populations, and nature-based outdoor recreation and learning.

Goleta has a tremendous investment in the health of Goleta’s streams and watersheds through creation of the visionary Creek and Watershed Management Plan.

The Plan must be implemented to achieve its goals. Placing implementation if the Plan in the City’s Strategic plan is the critical next step to ensure the Plan is ultimately implemented.