Why CPA?

Our Community NEEDS CPA – CPA NEEDS Membership Involvement. If CPA does not watch over the planning and land-use of Santa Barbara County, who will? 


Why CPA is Needed

CPA was established in 1960 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to educate the public in Santa Barbara County on the environmental and planning issues paramount to our communities and neighborhoods, and to encourage both the County and City of Santa Barbara to develop and adopt General Plans, and to protect Santa Barbara County’s cherished environment.

There are many environmental organizations in Santa Barbara County each with its specific focus. Citizens Planning Association primarily focuses on land-use issues within the county.

It takes considerable planning to preserve Santa Barbara County. Watchdogging projects is how we help protect our community. We make a stand and advocate for and against projects and issues.

How You Can Get Involved

As a grassroots organization, to be strong and effective we need membership involvement.

There are a variety of opportunities to help make a difference in our community through volunteering at CPA.

Please contact Marell Brooks, CPA’s president, or one of the board members if you’d like to volunteer.


We will need a Chairperson to revitalize the So. Coast Land Use Committee.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Join a committee
  • Be a Watchdog Leader of a project
  • Participate in membership communication by working on a newsletter or the e-news bulletin
  • Write letters to public officials and/or boards and commissions on topics that CPA is advocating for or against.
  • Help with clerical duties at the office
  • Put your computer skills to work — update CPA’s social media and/or website.