CPA Supports Consistent Policy for 100' Creek Setback in City of Goleta

To: Goleta Planning Commission

Re: Creek Setback Policy

The Citizens Planning Association would like to go on record in support of the EDC proposal, on behalf of Urban Creeks Council, which urges the City of Goleta to develop language in its New Zoning Ordinance to ensure proper implementation of a General Plan policy that requires a minimum 100-foot creek setback. The setback is intended to preserve creeks and riparian habitat in a natural state. These goals are directly in line with the City’s focus on creek cleanups and its Creek and Watershed Management Plan.

CPA urges your commission to make sure that the New Zoning Ordinance includes a section that mirrors language recommended by the California Coastal Commission and that was adopted by the County of Santa Barbara in the Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan. Several CPA members participated in the EGVCP update process, and we remember that an adequate creek setback policy was an important issue.

On Thursday October 3rd, CPA is sponsoring a panel discussion about Community Land Use Planning in the Goleta area in the era of Climate Change. We expect the issues about creek setbacks will be part of the discussion. You are invited to join us at the Goleta Library at 7 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marell Brooks


Citizens Planning Association

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