CPA Agrees with Concerned Neighbors regarding Heliport near Padaro Lane

September 22, 2019

To: Santa Barbara County Planning Commission

Re: Nesbitt Helispot

Citizens Planning Association has supported community planning and environmental protection for sixty years. Our board has reviewed the Negative Declaration for the Nesbitt heliport and we have read many of the letters written by members of the community who will be negatively impacted if this permit is granted.

CPA urges the Planning Commission to deny this permit. Putting a helicopter landing field on this private property would be creating an incompatible land use and would set a dangerous precedent for our County. Yes, this is zoned agricultural but, in reality, this is more an area of mini-estates and private residences than a sprawling agricultural operation. It should not be allowed to become a helicopter zone.

CPA disagrees with several of the findings submitted by staff to support this project. Several findings seem to discuss this project as necessary for emergency situations. However, this property and properties like this one can be used during an emergency. This emergency use was exhibited during the recent Thomas fire. Granting this permit for private use under the guise of public benefit does disservice to the neighboring community and violates the existing community plan.

CPA appreciates that the Planning Commissioners make decisions based on existing policies. Helicoptors flying in, landing, and taking off in this residential area on a daily basis will create noise impacts that cannot be mitigated. Please deny this project.

Marell Brooks

President, Citizens Planning Association

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