CPA Supports Compatibility in Cannabis Appeal

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To: Santa Barbara County Planning Commission

Re: Pence Appeal of Santa Rita Valley Ag., Inc. Cannabis Cultivation (Outdoor) Buellton

And Pence Appeal of Santa Barbara West Coast Farms Cannabis Cultivation Buellton

Citizens Planning Association suggests the Planning Commission grant these appeals. The first appeal cites issues with the odor abatement plan, lighting plan, security plan, proximity to Santa Ynez River and 100-yr floodplain. The project is less than one mile from Buellton City limits and near the urban rural boundary. Further, the appeal notes that the project will have extensive negative impacts on the character, residents, businesses and environment of the area.

In regards to the appeal of the West Coast Farms Cannabis Cultivation project, many county policies might again be violated and should be considered by the decision-makers. CPA has concerns about the industrial nature of this project to include 28 parking stalls and the need for fencing and 24 hour security details.

This second appeal project is within the Santa Ynez Valley Plan design overlay, and within the "scenic gateway" identified in the Plan. The Plan notes that "development of these areas deserves special consideration to ensure it does not detract from the rural aesthetic of the valley”.

It took the County and the residents of the Valley ten years to come up with

the current Plan, then get it adopted by the Board. Now that we have a decent

Community Plan in place, it is important that the Planning Commission honor the plan wherever possible.

If a special legal "need" arises to alter or modify a community plan at some point, then the County Counsel should muster a process for wide public input to amend that community plan. But barring that, every County resident should have the right to expect that their adopted Community Plan will be respected and followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Marell Brooks


Citizens Planning Association


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