CPA Supports Park Named for Johnny Wallis

TO: City of Goleta Naming Committee, a standing committee:

Re: The naming of the new park: The City Council should be given the alternative choice of Jonny Wallis Neighborhood Park (or Jonny D. Wallis, if the family prefers.) We think this is supported by much of the community.

The Citizens Planning Association Board members voted unanimously to suggest the new park be named after late councilmember/mayor Jonny Wallis. Some of us knew and worked with her; others of us knew and admired her efforts for all the people of the new city of Goleta.

Some of us gathered petitions and were impressed how much Ms. Wallis is still remembered and loved.

The CPA board voted without hesitation, thinking also that naming a park after a resident has an honored place in Santa Barbara area history, with, for instance, the Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens.

It was clear from watching the recent meeting that Goleta's Parks & Recreation Commission did not have adequate information to evaluate the recommendations. It seemed as though decisions were being made on the basis of personal favorite words rather than honoring and remembering an outstanding Goletan. We think Jonny Wallis was such a person, an outstanding community member who was so instrumental in the creation of the new City of Goleta.

Naming after a person helps not only to remember that person but encourages young people to learn more and then to emulate others' good deeds.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Brooks and Betsy Cramer

Co-Presidents, Citizens Planning Association

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