CPA suggests smaller AUD project at Garden/Anapamu

July 17, 2018


Re: Planning Commission, Agenda Item IV, 7/19/2018

Dear Chair Wiscomb and members of the Planning Commission:

Citizens Planning Association board members have viewed (and photographed) the story poles and we are opposed to the latest AUD proposal for Anapamu and Garden. It is overwhelming, competing with the Methodist Church catty-cornered across Anapamu Street and that has seemed to us to be the visual anchor of the area.

We agree with the city's HLC that the size, mass, scale and overall bulk are not appropriate for this location. Most of our board members frequent Anapamu Street and are very familiar with its often difficult traffic. Such a development will only worsen traffic and parking. Rather than using an underground garage, many if not most using this project will search for on street parking, making parking more difficult for neighbors and visitors to the Courthouse and County office buildings.

Santa Barbara has charms that beguile visitors and comfort residents. Among them are the distinct neighborhoods and mini-neighborhoods. This section of Garden and Anapamu Streets, with its handsome Craftsman cottages on both sides of Garden and along Anapamu, is a pleasure to walk. The craftsman style Cottage Court houses are an integral unit that should not be demolished or split off.

CPA supports rental housing. We also support our neighborhoods. Please hold the line and do not allow the demolition of living and livable neighborhoods, especially those with structures of historic merit, so as to build a new, denser neighborhood.

Respectfully submitted,

Marell Brooks, co-President Citizens Planning Association

Betsy R. Cramer, co-President Citizens Planning Association

916 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101;

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