Cannabis Ordinance and Uniform Rules

To: Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors

Re: Cannabis Ordinance: Uniform Rules: May 1 hearing

April 30, 2018

Citizens Planning Association has been monitoring the planning process for the cannabis ordinance and applauds the Board of Supervisors for its thorough review of the components of this ordinance.

For the most part, CPA has agreed with your decisions regarding the production and sale of cannabis. We agree with the restrictions placed on grow areas in the Carpinteria area.

However, we are concerned about some suggested changes to the Uniform Rules for Williamson Act properties. We do not support lowering the 50% on-site production requirement to 10%. We are concerned that by requiring only 10% onsite product, this effectively creates industrial zones on the agricultural properties, which might result in increased trucking, processing, etcetera.

A similar discussion came up during the winery ordinance consideration, and the Planning Commission agreed to keep the 50% onsite product. CPA feels that the cannabis industry should be held to a similar standard.

CPA has as a priority issue the preservation of our County’s agricultural lands. Our board members have read and agree with the Agricultural Preserve Advisory Committee’s letter, which also supports keeping the 50% requirement.

Respectfully submitted,

Marell Brooks

Executive Director, Citizens Planning Association

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