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Re: Rancho La Laguna

Dear Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors:

For more than 55 years, the Citizens Planning Association has studied land use issues in Santa Barbara County. Our organization has actively participated in crafting land use regulations and zoning ordinances. We especially support policies which serve to protect agricultural lands in the County.

CPA supports the decision of the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission to deny the parcelization of Rancho La Laguna as proposed in this tract map. CPA agrees that the project is not compatible with goals and policies contained in the Santa Barbara County Comprehensive Plan Agricultural Element.

CPA agrees with staff that the construction of additional residences and accessory structures and associated lighting, fencing, and utilities on the 12 new lots will have the effect of creating an adverse influence within the rural project site area. In addition, the proposed subdivision will not ensure the continuation of the existing agricultural operations on the project site due to the potential for conflicts (e.g. odor, dust, pesticide use) between agricultural and residential uses, and the division of the existing agricultural operations onto smaller lots which may be separately owned and operated.

CPA believes these types of conflicts on Rancho La Laguna could lead to adverse modifications or reductions in the existing agricultural operations on the site which will violate the integrity and discourage the expansion of the existing agricultural operations.

CPA has studied the parcelization on the proposed tract map. We believe there are alternative tract maps that could accomplish the applicants desire to subdivide while at the same time preserving and possibly enhancing a productive agriculture operation. Approving the proposed tract map would be precedent setting in this remote agricultural area of the County.

Thank you for this opportunity to provide comment on the Rancho La Laguna proposal. We urge the Board to support the decision made by the Planning Commission and deny the appeal.


Citizens Planning Association


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