TO: Lompoc City Council — Re: Bailey Avenue annexation

Re: LAFCO request regarding Bailey Avenue annexation

Dear Lompoc City Council Members:

Citizens Planning Association has monitored the proposal for annexation of the Bailey Avenue corridor for more than 10 years.

Early in the review process, CPA expressed our concern for the removal of prime agricultural lands west of Lompoc and the potential violation of the Lompoc General Plan, which encourages the economic stability provided by the agricultural industry and the desire for appropriate infill projects. We also noted the potential violations of the Lompoc Circulation element, with the LOS D rating at H and Central still unresolved.

This new Addendum was made public only late last week. Staff has determined that according to CEQA guidelines, the addendum does not require additional review because it contains only minor revisions. We would disagree for several reasons. We notice the project description is much different from the one first proposed. The new proposal now includes an industrial component as well as low- density housing. Also, the fragmented nature of this new proposal seems to be creating a piecemeal situation which is not supported by city policies.

Since the Bailey Avenue annexation proposal last came before you, there have been significant changes in regulations that should be addressed, such as the State Sustainability Management for water retention and new County buffer policies. An update should also study the significant increase in production and processing of agriculture that might be negatively impacted by this project.

Lastly, the staff report points out significant uncertainties to this project: questionable approval by LAFCO; conflicting information with land use plan and Lompoc’s General Plan; questionable property tax information; and a Fiscal Analysis that needs further independent evaluation. (note comments in staff report page 8).

We urge the Council to continue this item to provide more time for both public and council review. At the very least, this new project description should be reviewed by your own Planning Commission before being sent on to LAFCO.


Mary Ellen Brooks, Executive Director

Citizens Planning Association


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