No to a Goleta General Plan change to accommodate a proposed gas station.

Re: 6975 Santa Felicia Drive Land Use Designation Proposed Change.

Dear Mayor Perotte and Goleta City Council Members:

For more than 55 years, the Citizens Planning Association has studied land use issues in Santa Barbara County.Our organization has actively participated in crafting land use regulations and zoning ordinances. Many of our members participated in the development of Goleta's General Plan.

Citizens Planning Association opposes the proposed change of the Santa Felicia Drive/Storke Road land use designation from Community Commercial (CC) to General Commercial (GC). The apparent purpose of this change is to allow another gas station proximate to the Marketplace in an often already vehicle-congested area.

We recognize that the General Plan is, as it states, a "living document to be revised as necessary to respond to changing conditions and community values." However, that the already present gas stations in that general area charge high prices does not fit that requirement.

Nor would such a zoning change satisfy three of the five factors required for an amendment:

(1) It's not consistent with the guiding principles of, for instance, Goleta's Vision: The Good Land, "...that seeks sustainability by not sacrificing tomorrow's resources for today's needs" even if another gas station in that area were a "need".

(2) A gas station there, if allowed by the zoning designation, would likely have a material effect on the area, with increased congestion and effects on air quality.

(3) There would be no additional benefit by this designation change and a new gas station. There are other gas stations within Goleta that charge lower prices, east, along Hollister and also on Fairview.

There's no guarantee whatsoever that the prices at this station, if built, would be low.

For those reasons, as well as noting that it would be unwise to locate another gas station under the flight path to the airport, CPA opposes this proposed land use designation change.

Thank you for this opportunity to provide comment.


Mary Ellen Brooks, Executive Director


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