CPA opposes neighborhood markets in residential zones of the Santa Barbara NZO

Re: Adding Neighborhood Markets as a proposed new allowed use in single-unit residential zones in the NZO.

Dear Santa Barbara City Council Members:

For more than 55 years, the Citizens Planning Association has studied land use issues in Santa Barbara County, Our organization has actively participated in crafting land use regulations and zoning ordinances.

We commend the City of Santa Barbara for attempting to streamline the existing ordinances through the NZO process. However, we strongly object to the idea that neighborhood markets be added as a proposed newly- allowed commercial use in single-unit residential zones.

Allowing new neighborhood markets in RS zoning presents serious compatibility issues and negative impacts that cannot be mitigated by a CUP and the proposed development standards.

CPA agrees with the Allied Neighborhood Association’s list of possible negative impacts of this change in zoning. These include additional traffic, noise, lack of parking, and the potential for alcohol sales in RS zoning, the intent of which is to preserve a safe single-family neighborhood.

Also, the goal of the NZO process is to reformat, reorganize, and modernize the existing zoning Ordinance, not to make significant changes.

CPA encourages staff and the City Council to eliminate this proposal from the NZO. To protect the livability of our single unit residential areas, neighborhood markets are not appropriate in sigle unit zones. There are nmerous other zone districts where these markets are appropriate.

Thank you for this opportunity to provide comment on the NZO process. We support this process and look forward to Council’s discussion of the neighborhood markets in single unit zones, and the significant change that represents.

Respectfully submitted,

Marell Brooks

Executive Director

Citizens Planning Association


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