CPA hosts the new director of the County P&D Energy Division

PS: Peter Cantle presented 'ENERGY & MINERALS DIVISION Status Update & What’s on the Horizon?' to CPA recently. See the entire presentation here:.... to be posted.

As we rapidly approach the first anniversary of the Plains Pipeline leak/spill into the SB Channel, what have we learned? How have world energy prices and new laws affected county operations? What is pending now, and what may lie ahead, not only for oil, gas, fracking, steaming, pipelines, but also for green energy, mining and minerals?

Plan to join us this Monday, Noon-1:15PM to find out, as CPA hosts the new director of the County P&D Energy Division, Peter Cantle, for an overview, some specifics, and some guesstimation. Peter returns to the Energy Division after long stints as a senior manager in the Air Pollution Control District, and as a private sector consultant. Attendees will also share brief updates on several major, pending area land-use projects, their status, and how members of the public can still become involved effectively. As always, the meeting is free. Guests are welcome. Brown bag is fine. Plan to join us at the Hill-Carrillo Adobe, 11 e. carrillo st, downtown SB, adjacent to Montecito Bank & Trust, the block between State and Anacapa.

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