54th Annual Meeting


Upon arriving at the museum, attendees mingled while enjoying light refreshments. President Dave Bernal then called the meeting to order and got down to business. First up were brief introductions, an administrative report, and fittingly for the UCSB panel theme, a glowing brief of what an internship at CPA involves by current intern Lisa Haroutunian.

The panel consisted of honorees:

UCSB Assistant Vice Chancellor MarcFischer, Emeritus Professor Richard Flacks and was moderated by Geoff Green, Executive Director at the Fund for Santa Barbara. The group engaged the audience with their lively discussion regarding their current roles, UCSB's ambitious Long Range Development plan, its Public presentation for the creation of the SUN Coalition (including 16 Goleta and Isla Vista community groups),and their five year private dialogue with the university college to improve the new campus plan and reduce impacts on the surrounding community. All on a level unprecedented for any other UC or Cal State Plan update.


The highly anticipated award ceremony portion of the meeting kicked off with an eloquent and enthusiastic acceptance speech by Buellton's 'Citizens Planning Award' winner Joan Hartmann. Presenting the award were County Supervisor Salud Carbajal and board member, Lee Moldaver. Joan was honored for her career service in Wetlands preservation, environmental education, public policy, grassroots urban sprawl prevention in Buellton, as the County’s 3rd district planning commissioner. Next up was Ted Rhodes, honored by County Supervisor Salud Carbajal and Carpinteria Mayor Brad Stein for career service in land preservation, conservation, energy and natural resource leadership in the Carpinteria Valley. As a key grip in many of Hollywood's blockbusters, Ted's animated acceptance speech - following the emotional and rousing award presentation by Mayor Stein - had the audience on its feet!


The Board of Directors voted to present a Certificate of Encouragement to Assistant to the City Administrator Nina Johnson. Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider made the presentation.

Finally, Dick Flacks and Marc Fischer were awarded their certificate of recognition by Nineteenth Senate District Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson for their outstanding commitment and dedication to the community through invaluable service at UCSB.


The closing reception - including several former CPA award winners, including Don Olson and Bob Field, former CPA president David Landecker, councilmen Gregg Hart and Bendy White, and planning commissioner/former mayor Sheila Lodge - gave everyone a chance to relax, socialize and congratulate the winners, many commenting on how much they were enjoying the meeting. Attending board members also responded positively to the event, sharing that the discussion aligned well with CPA's mission and that the event was overall one of the best they had attended. For more on this year's meeting visit: http://coastalview.com https://www.facebook.com/citizensplanning -- Suzan Cluderay


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