Letter to the City of Santa Barbara Regarding the Sandman Project

DATE: February 4, 2014

FROM: Paul Hernadi (South County Vice President, Citizens Planning Association)

TO: Allison DeBusk and Renee Brooke (Planning Division, City of Santa Barbara)

CC: Joe Rution (President, Allied Neighborhood Association) and Bill Marks (Member, Sustainability Committee, League of Women Voters)

Subject: Thanks for a good meeting

Dear Allison and Renee:Thank you again for your very congenial meeting with representatives of Allied, CPA, and the League of Women Voters. It was reassuring to learn that the Sandman project has already begun to revise its demonstration of SD-2 compliance in the light of staff’s welcome inclusion of parking in the list of “applicable regulations.” We look forward to reviewing the new numerical details, namely, how the required 163 parking spaces might be accommodated in a hypothetical two-story version of the 72 residential condominiums.

We were particularly encouraged by your willingness to listen to our arguments about the universal necessity of access to buildings and parking areas in all development projects. To recapitulate: In the unlikely event that such needs are not addressed or forcefully entailed in the Municipal Code and/or the Circulation Element, we were requesting that you propose to derive from universal practice some minimal common sense standards for drive ways and walkways. We believe that such indispensable hardscape should be deducted from the buildable area of projects under SD-2 rules. Now that rental developments have been exempted from SD-2′s stricter development standards, it is especially important to make market-rate ownership projects comply with the SD-2 ordinance whose legislative intent was “to impose traffic related restrictions (Š) in order to prevent the volumes of traffic on [Upper] State Street from exceeding acceptable limits and to limit increased air pollution, due to vehicular traffic.” 28.45.008-B

We hope to hear from you when new pertinent documents about the Sandman project or about other projects in the SD-2 area become available.


PS: I am cc-ing Bettie Weiss and Rob Dayton whose subsequent meeting with a slightly different set of representatives of our three organizations also addressed the particularly vulnerable traffic conditions in the Upper State Street area (as compared to downtown).Paul Hernadi


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