CPA Letters

CPA Supports Neighbors Opposing Helistop in Montecito
June 30, 2020 To: Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors Re: Applicant Appeal of the Carpinteria Valley Farms Helistop Citizens Planning Association has supported community planning and environmental...
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CPA Questions City Process on 711 Milpas
916 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 June 29, 2020 Dear Mayor and Councilmembers: Citizens Planning Association is in its 60th year of participating in land use planning in Santa Barbara County and...
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CPA Finds Weaknesses in the USF&WS GCP for oil/gas activities in SBCounty
April 16, 2020 Dear Mr. Henry: The non-profit Citizens Planning Association, representing residents from throughout Santa Barbara County, has supported sound land use policies on the Central Coast since...
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CPA Supports EDRN zoning in Cebada Canyon
Wednesday, April 8, 2020 To: Santa Barbara Planning Commissioners Re: Herbal Angels Citizens Planning Association was founded sixty years ago to make sure that our County created a process whereby residents...
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How Does Climate Change Threaten the Santa Ynez Valley?
The Citizens Planning Association will host a series of panel discussions on local land use planning and the expected impacts of climate change. Our fourth of several events will focus on the Santa Ynez...
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