CPA Recommendations to City Council (2010) concerning Plan Santa Barbara


5 February 2010


Mayor Schneider & Council Members Santa Barbara City Council

Santa Barbara, CA 


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RE: Plan Santa Barbara –City Council Work Session on February 11, 2010


Dear Mayor Schneider & Council Members,


The South County Land Use Committee of the Citizens Planning Association (CPA) would like to add a couple of comments to those submitted by CPA’s General Plan Update Committee for your consideration at this juncture.


First, we would like to echo the recommendation submitted in December by CPA’s General Plan Update Committee that neighborhood voices should be heard in this process. We submit that it may not be too late for a citizens committee to be formed.


Second, we are becoming concerned about the long-term extension of the voter-approved Measure E, and how the numerous delays in completing Plan Santa Barbara might impact the continuity of Measure E’s city-wide protections.


As you will recall, Measure E was designed to protect Santa Barbara's fragile ‘quality of life’ by limiting the adverse impacts of traffic congestion, housing, water supplies, etc., from nonresidential development patterns that might exceed the City's reliable resource/infrastructure



This was just one of the many items to be folded into Plan Santa Barbara. With the current time lag, and the issue of getting five votes to adopt some version of Plan Santa Barbara, how is the City planning to deal with the current temporary ordinance in Measure E’s place? CPA GPUC letter to SB City Council Re: Plan SB, 2/3/10


Does the City intend to take action to protect and extend Measure E, even if it means pulling it out of Plan Santa Barbara and the temporary ordinance? Or does the City envision a need for the community to gather signatures for a new City Charter initiative drive to achieve a voterapproved reauthorization of Measure E? We hope this is not the case, and instead prefer to work with the City and the Plan Santa Barbara process in order to find a viable solution to preserving the existing, city-wide Measure E protections. We stand ready to work with Council and City staff to assist in this process.


Thank you for your consideration.




Naomi Kovacs


Executive Director


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